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Flip the job search- have employers pitch to you!

Tired of going through tedious job search processes? Then join FOUND. FOUND is a talent network exclusively for product experts in the greater Zurich area. We flip the recruitment process and have top companies pitch to you.

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Chief Product Officer

“It took me just 5 minutes to set up my profile - instead of having to always rewrite my CV again and again. And I just loved the salary benchmarker!”

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No CV needed

Feeling drained by job searching? It's not your fault. The system is old and has been letting us all down for ages. Just tell us who you are, where you want to work & what you want to do.

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Focus on your skills

Complete a short skills assessment to help us understand what your strengths are. This will ensure a fast, fair and unbiased recruiting process.


Lead Product Manager

"Best assessment I’ve ever done - even while doing it I learned stuff about myself, and it gave me a report immediately when done!"


Product Owner

“My FINDER Julie helps me navigate the career jungle, and makes it so much easier to take decisions!”


Get career advices with your
personal FINDER

Chat with one of our FINDERs - your personal career guide. They will help you find your best next job.


You decide where you want to work

Fast growing companies can request to pitch to you - you select who you want to speak to. If you accept their request, you will see a short video pitch of why this job and their company might be the right thing for you.


Product Marketing Manager

“Being able to choose which companies I want to speak to means that I’m always in control. And watching video pitches is just great!”

Your next chapter right now 

For Product professionals, in the greater Zurich area, who are curious about job opportunities and want to try the FOUND platform.

Contact us via WhatsApp
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Frequently asked questions 

Everything you need to know about FOUND and how it works.

What is the FOUND business model?

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At the moment, becoming a member of FOUND is free. There are no charges or fees associated with joining and having companies pitch their opportunities to you. As we continue to grow and develop our services there will be the opportunity to upgrade your membership in the future.
We charge a monthly fee to selected top companies so they can get the chance to pitch to you.

In which markets does FOUND operate?

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FOUND is a Swiss company, and for now, we focus on the greater Zurich area; we plan to expand quickly across the rest of Switzerland.

What are the criteria for my application to FOUND being accepted?

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We use a number of criteria, based on your assessment results and the FINDER interview. We will always provide you feedback - giving you insight on how and where you could stand out from the crowd.

How does the registration process on WhatsApp work?

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To join FOUND follow these easy steps:
1) Click on the WhatsApp link and answer five short questions so we can learn more about you and what your next ideal job would be.
2) Take a 5-minute gamified assessment to discover what makes you stand out from the crowd.
3) Get matched with opportunities that fit your criteria.
4) Received personalised videos from companies pitching their opportunities directly to you
5) You decide what opportunity is best for you!

Why is your WhatsApp number an American number (+1)?

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To enhance the response time to the WhatsApp registration process, we use a tool suite that currently only allows us to use an American number (+1) for WhatsApp business. We plan on getting a Swiss number while maintaining the same lightning-fast response time.

What happens when I decline a pitch from a company?

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We only highlight accepted pitches to companies - companies on FOUND know that our top talent is highly sought after.

What if I don’t like my FINDER?

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You can rate our FINDERs and ask for a new FINDER to you if they don't suit you.

I need more information about FOUND.

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Still have questions? We are here to help. You can contact us via WhatsApp or via email at